Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back on the wagon (again)

...and that wagon looks a whole lot like a pull-up bar. I wasn't doing actual pull-ups, but knees-to-elbows (link is to a Youtube vid. Disclaimer: that chick is much fitter than I am but the general motion is the same). Those mixed with a lot of kettlebell work for last night's WOD left me with these lovelies:That's right! I tore my calluses for the very first time ever! It HURRRTS like a monster but I feel so incredibly badass! I've been keeping them covered in lavender-oil-soaked gauze most of the time, looking up hand-taping methods and ways to avoid this happening again (once is enough to certify me as totally beast, and all said it's really not that pleasant an experience :/)

Yesterday's workout:
  • 15-20ish minutes of warming up: wrist-to-wrist random motion, randori with Colin in the middle chopping at us with a PVC pipe, plank-pose patty-cake. Comment if you want better descriptions of any of these.
  • WOD: AMRAP of 20 sumo deadlift high pulls (24kg/53lb kettlebell) and 10 knees-to-elbows. I got in 5 complete rounds and 15 SDHPs; 5.375 rounds but Colin nicely counted it as 5.5. Yay for rounding!
  • plank pose competition! I made it for 50 seconds but that was because my sock slipped off my foot. Probably could have made it past a minute sans chausettes. Next time...
However, the reason that I was off the wagon to start with is blurrily depicted below:I can write some of this off to the fact that when I was playing rugby in college, I sprained this same ankle really badly during a run (as in should have stayed on the crutches for at least a month), didn't give it nearly enough down time before I started playing on it again and subsequently made it permanently weaker than it should be. But that doesn't change the fact that this particular injury was due to...walking and texting. That's right. That's like one step below walking into a telephone pole and breaking your nose. In my defense it WAS at the Duke Wall, where the paths are all this very fine gravel that disintegrates into ruts and runnels all over the place every time it rains. But still. Not the coolest way to injure oneself. If I'm gonna be laid up for a week, I want a cool story to go with it!

For the lurkers (this means you, Alex P.!): Help me out, guys. What's a cooler story than texting while walking? Besides, you know, everything.



  1. If you must text, pull over first :P

    And thanks for such a productive Wednesday. I got so much actual work down due to my stress level being lowered by you helping out.


  2. (It took me a sec to realize those were your hands and not some really messed up plumber's crack.)


  3. Mmm calluses. Yum.

    One of my friends in college did crew and he took such pride in the fact that his hands basically turned into one huge callous. Think of them as battle scars. :P