Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want it all!

Hey you guys.

I just ate an ENORMOUS plate of fried catfish and french fries and hush puppies. I didn't take a picture beforehand because I was too hungry to remember, but it looked something like this, except more so and with FIVE hush puppies:

I dipped everything in ketchup and Greek yoghurt.

And then I washed it all down with a big ol' glass of whole milk.

I did not eat all my vegetables today. I definitely didn't stay within the 150g carb limit. I didn't even THINK about keeping track of calories or fat grams or whatever. I just worked hard, played hard, and then wanted some GREASE, damnit!

A good two full weeks have passed since the first inklings of craving for this delightfully horrible-for-you feast first started to nag. And all that time I gently pushed them away and ate pound upon pound of vegetables and eggs and almonds and my beloved sardines and kept doing structured workouts four or five days a week while working close to 40 hours over the weekends.

And was ENOUGH.

You can say all you like about how cravings should be quelled and replaced with real, healthy, smiley-face-happy foods, which are what your body (poor, silly, confused thing that it is) really wants. And how they're inextricably tied to emotional eating and similar mental food issues, and should be worked through and fought against instead of given in to.

But goddess help me, I swear there is almost nothing so delicious, so perfectly sinful, as a fresh, steaming hot, dripping-with-grease hush puppy that you have been dreaming about for TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS.

So now I am stuffed to the gills and very very happy, if a little over-full. And tomorrow I will wake up at 5 and lift heavy things and then run around herding teenagers all day while munching on almonds , as I do most days. But eventually there will come another day when I will say SCREW 'EM ALL and gorge myself on something deliciously gross. Grossly delicious? Both.

Brief Crossfit update: I did a back squat (Olympic barbell racked on your shoulders behind your head) with 125 lbs for 3 reps, several times, with some seriously sore hip flexors. And also did more than a few pull-ups from a dead hang with only the blue band to help out (blue is better than green but not as good as red or lavender). And I FUCKING HATE double-under jump ropes, and I've got the welts all up and down my legs to prove it.

Lurkers: what's your favorite sin? How do you make it worthwhile and not let it completely take over?

Plus, bonus points for those who can identify the band currently on repeat in my car stereo from the title of this post WITHOUT Googling it!



  1. I think it's totally fine to have splurge days where you just eat whatever the hell you want. After all the hard work you do. you deserve it.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joanne! Yeah, normally I try to shy away from treating myself with edibles, but sometimes it's good to ignore ALL the rules :)