101 in 1,001

This right here is my list of goals, both short- and long-term.  I've tried to make them all varied, fairly specific and not too unreasonable.  As I finish each one, I'm gonna try and come up with a new one to replace it.  Here's to constantly working towards something!

Started on January 1, 2011.  Original goals to be finished by September 27, 2013 (if I did my math right)

  1. do a one-armed pull-up
  2. reach weight of 140
  3. deadlift over 210 lbs [220]
  4. complete whole30 3 times [1/3]
  5. run a road race
  6. run barefoot for two miles
  7. take a multivi daily
  8. get awesome at double-unders i.e.50 in a row [7/50]
  9. meet all the level three crossfit fitness benchmarks (link goes to a pdf)
  10. get my body fat tested (unprofessionally, 20.0% on 22Jan11)
  11. run a mile in 7 minutes
  12. do a freestanding handstand push-up
  13. donate 1 gallon of blood: 8 pints; 8 visits [3/8]
  14. go one whole month without pulling any hairs[3/31]

  1. go camping for a week
  2. go rock climbing in the wild
  3. travel 10 new places [1/10]
  4. go on a trip with less than 24 hours' notice
  5. hike 100 miles on the AT [0/100]
  6. go to the West Coast
  7. watch the sun rise over the ocean
  8. watch the sun set over the ocean

lovey-dovey mushy stuff is not a priority.  working on replacing this with cooler things.
  1. dance in the rain
  2. go on a romantic getaway out of state
  3. make slippers for Tony
  4. have a candlelit dinner
  5. serve breakfast in bed (the omelette-off doesn't quite count)
  6. kiss on a Ferris wheel
  7. have “couple” pics taken

  1. establish a $6000 emergency fund [0/6000]
  2.  have $12,000 in total savings [1000/12,000]
  3. open an IRA
  4. get my own health insurance
  5. sell 10 things on etsy [0/10]
  6. pay off all my debts and loans.  ALL.  only new ones allowed are education (student loan from Hiram is paid off!  still to go: approximately 1000 700 600 in various personal loans)
  7. get a full-time well-paying job that requires a brain and does not necessitate constant robotic deference or a uniform OR start full-time study towards finishing my bachelor's

learning/brainy stuff
  1. get conversational in French
  2. get passable in Spanish
  3. get passable in ASL
  4. maintain a 3.5+ GPA for my first year back in school
  5. get into a program for my bachelor's (got into a school but haven't joined a program yet) PHYSICS YAY!
  6. learn to juggle
  7. get a real camera and learn how to use it
  8. take an art class
  9. learn a new instrument
  10. learn to ride a bike
  11. do the crossword daily
  12. learn how to cook meat really, really well
  13. learn to drive stick
  14. take an IQ test
  15. read and review 100 new books [0/100]

grown-up stuff 
  1. move out
  2. host a dinner party
  3. learn to walk in heels
  4. write a will
  5. get a primary-care physician
  6. get a professional make-up lesson
  7. learn to wake up at sunrise (yay for being a baker!)

  1. get braces
  2. get a real adult wardrobe
  3. get two more tattoos
  4. bleach my teeth
  5. get new glasses that i love

making things
  1. knit a pair of socks
  2. knit a sweater
  3. build something (with hammer and nails)
  4. make 50 new recipes that people other than me made up [1/50]
  5. make stock from fish carcasses
  6. make stock from chicken carcasses
  7. sew a major article of clothing and wear it in public
  8. make an awesome mixtape
  9. build a computer
  10. make my own a. yoghurt b. ghee c. kombucha d. sauerkraut

  1. get a piece of writing published
  2. send 50 letters/cards/care packages [0/50]
  3. get 10 regular followers/commenters on this blog [6/10]
  4. get my own domain name learn to use it!
  5. meet another blogger in person
  6. do a recipe post at least once a month

  1. own a big dog named Hektor and a small dog named Achilles
  2. go skinny-dipping
  3. have a healthy herb garden with at least five different plants
  4. dress up as Mystique for Halloween
  5. take belly dancing classes
  6. pose nude for an art class/photographer
  7. paint a mural
  8. fill up a sketchbook
  9. perform music live
  10. celebrate 8 major festivals & 13 full moons [0/8; 0/13]
  11. keep the room house clean enough for visitors for a month
  12. take up ballroom/swing/ballet/bellydance again
  13. have a well-stocked pantry
  14. get an easel/drafting desk
  15. wear heels for a whole day
  16. go barefoot for a whole day (not even flip-flops)
  17. climb a tree
  18. make a comic book/illustrated story
  19. catch, clean and cook a fish
  20. keep chickens
  21. ride a horse

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