Things that are awesome

Disclaimer: All of this stuff is in alphabetical order, not order of awesomeness.  It's also constantly being updated.  Email me if you have any suggestions or comments!

  •  Joanne Bruno writes the wonderful blog Eats Well With Others (a mainstay in my personal blogroll).  As she says, "Ever wonder what would have happened if Carrie Bradshaw had gone to medical school and filled her two by nothing New York apartment with cookbooks instead of shoes? Wonder no more. Join me as I weave my way through life in NYC as an MD/PhD student/marathon runner/grocery shopper extraordinaire....and eat really well while I do it!"  She's a fantastic writer and cook, and while the food isn't always paleo-friendly (case in point, the totally NOM-ful cookie dough truffles pictured here), her photos leave me drooling every time.

    • Mark's Daily Apple.  Mark Sisson is the author of The Primal Blueprint and a great wealth of information on the primal/paleo lifestyle, including food and fitness, with plenty of studies to back it up.  He updates daily.

      • Sally Fallon.  She seems not to have a personal website, but she's the author of Nourishing Traditions and writes (wrote?) an infrequently-updated advice column for Nourished magazine.  Her writing is even more polarized than Pollan's (and rather annoyed me when I read her book before becoming a paleo wannabe), but her recipes, particularly the ones concerning hard-to-find, sadly outdated things like making your own soup stocks and fermented dishes, are really amazing.
      click the pic!
      • Whole9.  One of the definitive guides on how to eat real, good (paleo) food.  Several of my friends have had measurable success with their Whole 30 program, and I did it myself for the first time in January 2011.  Here's my halfway-point update, and here's my thoughts on the deal once I finished!

        • Be Hard To Kill, Ashley Denton's blog.   She's a trainer at CrossFit Durham and one of the most badass ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know.  She is very, very hard to kill.  Not that I'd ever be stupid enough to try.  I value my bones that much.
        • Bull City Crossfitters, run by Bea Yaxley (who also takes pretty pretty pictures) and Melinda, before she started her own blog.  They're both fellow CrossFit Durhamites and pretty awesome ladies in general.
        • CrossFit Durham (tagline: No Bull.  No Mercy.  Just World-Class Fitness.).  This is where I work out and I cannot recommend it enough.  I've been going for two years now and it's completely changed the way I view both myself and fitness in general.  Before, I was just a (very curvy) girl who liked to run sometimes.  Now I'm an athlete, still pretty curvy but with a whole lot of muscle backing it up.  I can run faster, jump higher, lift things that weigh considerably more than I do, and I find myself salivating for every new challenge and chance to push the limits of my body even further.  CrossFit is my drug, and it is SO much better than chocolate.
        • Fifth ApeColin Pistell's website, all about his brand of natural movement, play-based fitness, parkour and whatever else he feels like pontificating on.  He's one of the trainers at CrossFit Durham and teaches the bootcamp I sometimes attend.  The original caveman ninja with the pretty blue eyes, he's just an all-around cool and genuinely nice guy.  And he's smart.  Go check him out!
        • MovNatErwan LeCorre is an insanely fit French dude who likes to run around barefoot in the woods and find things to lift and throw, and wants to teach us all to do the same.  It's pretty incredible.
        • Too Sexy For This Fat, run by the incomparable Megan Hansen.  The original weight-loss group I joined over two years ago, and the one that helped me find a wonderful bunch of ladies for support and fun, as well as getting me into CrossFit and moving my focus to health in the very first place.  I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now without them.