Thursday, October 28, 2010

So I don't really like Siggi's all that much

...which I'm kind of sorry to say, considering all the recent hoopla about it in the food blog world !
It gets 10 gold stars for presentation, though. Look how cute it is! All clean lines and friendly lowercase letters and the adorable little drawing of a milk can - I love it!
It's THICK, too - this spoon would have stayed in the upright position indefinitely had I not removed it. The taste is nice, too - tart without being too mouth-puckeringly sour, and nice and fresh-tasting. But it's the texture that makes all the difference to me. I like yoghurt to be perfectly smooth, to the point that when I was making my own on a regular basis I'd strain it a couple times before pouring it out to set. This stuff is just the slightest bit grainy, and has this weird quality that I can only describe as gluey - it stuck instantly to all surfaces inside my mouth and left me feeling like I had to rinse my mouth out.

I really really wished I liked this stuff, if for no other reason that the container is so damn cute! But I don't. Sorry, Siggi's!

I still love Fage more than my firstborn child, though.*

Dinner tonight: salmonburger, roasted carrots with mustard and some other stuff that amam threw together, mashed cauliflower with a big ol' blorp of butter, glass of milk and some Fage Total with nutmeg and way too much cinnamon sprinkled on it. It needed more green but I was lazy and relied on leftovers.

Crossfit today was again a monsterbitch, this time designed by Colin. Colin has gorgeous blue eyes and looks just a little bit like a shorter Jensen Ackles but this workout proves the fact that he has no soul and delights in the misery of others.**
  • Run 800 meters
  • Do as many burpee pullups as possible to finish up 8 minutes
For those who wish to be enlightened, this is a burpee pullup. Ladies, his shirt comes off at about 2:05:

I got in about 12 of those at the end of the run (not moving nearly as fast as this fellow), which took me a pretty pathetic 5:15. We also worked on clean and jerks, working up from a 45lb barbell to 80lbs, doing split jerks, which I officially suck at but I was doing a lot better by the end, thanks to Rich's coaching.

Question for the lurkers: do you all like Siggi's? Did I maybe just get a bad batch? Are the flavored versions any better than the plain one?


*I have no children.
**Just kidding, as usual. He's still awesome, just mean. Kidding!!

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