Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey you guys check this out! (breakfast bonanza)

Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.

-Oscar Wilde

So Miss Running-To-Slow-Things-Down (couldn't find her actual first name - anyone know it??) is doing a fun little challenge this coming week. From her blog:
We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.
We also all know how delicious breakfast can be. It’s hands down my favorite meal, which is why it’s a shame that I’ve been so repetitive with it.
Which is also the reason why I’ve decided to start a week long Breakfast Bonanza…
If you’re starting to freak out a little right now (breakfast ba-who?), don’t. I did this last year, and the results were amazing. Bloggers upon bloggers, all joining in with the idea of trying a new breakfast for each day of an entire week. You can go wild and crazy or you can stick with 7 different oatmeal toppings, if that suits your fancy a little more. Whatever you feel like doing.
The most important thing? Mix. Things. Up. Break the routine of your breakfast.

Really, this is kind of a selfish thing for me to do. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Because you’re all invited. :D
Who: Anyone and everyone, whether you’re a blogger or not.
What: Breakfast Bonanza! Make a new breakfast for each day of an entire week starting tomorrow (Saturday.)
When: Saturday (October 30) to the following Saturday (November 6)
Where: Post your breakfasts creations on your blog, and let me know via comment if you would like it to be displayed in my Breakfast Bonanza post next week. :D
Why: Give yourself (and me) some new breakfast options. And, HAVE FUN while doing it.
It's pretty straightforward. Basically, have fun while eating! Always something I'm down for :D
It's unofficial, but here's my first entry:
Leftover carrots from last night, an ounce of smelly mystery cheese, two poached eggs (look at the bowl! isn't it cute? it's a little clay egg on the side!), three Triscuits and COFFEE. Shouldn't really have had the Triscuits but they are my favorite crackers ever and amam got them without realising that I can't really do wheat anymore and they looked SO good and were calling my name. So.

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