Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crossfit will make me feel better

Aaaand we're back. Feeling slightly more upbeat than earlier today, thanks to a moderately more successful Crossfit session this afternoon, a good 2Sexy meeting (complete with good weigh-in!) and a delicious dinner. Here it is!One each of red and yellow bell peppers and a head of broccoli, stirfried with a little EVOO and some white balsamic vinegar; 2-egg omelette filled with a couple Ts of feta and a salmonburger; milk in a cute little jelly jar because it's so much more fun than drinking out of a plain old glass.

I went to the 5pm WOD at Crossfit and did the following:
  • Front squats with a barbell: a couple minutes of practicing form with an unweighted bar, then sets of 3 reps each of (if memory serves correctly) 33, 53, 63 and 78lbs; 3 sets of 1 rep 90lbs; 1 rep of 100; 3 reps of 110 (spaced out a bit). I was hoping to hit my 1-rep max in this round because I was working with a couple of regulars, but it didn't happen. Yeah...that feels kinda good :) Also, apparently I have nearly impeccable form.
  • WOD: AMRAP for 12 minutes of 20 double-unders with the jump-rope and 10 hand-release push-ups (just regular ones except you pick your hands off the floor at the bottom). I got about 3.5 rounds in because I cannot do double-unders to save my life. Dave said honest attempts could count (because otherwise I doubt I'd have finished even one round), so I think I did maybe 10 real ones the whole time and intensely frustrated efforts rife with muttered expletives the rest of the time.
Goals for the coming week, set at the meeting:
  • 2 days of complete paleo: no coffee, dairy or grains at all, preferably with a long tromp through the woods
  • 4 days of structured, non-Crossfit movement: aforementioned long tromps or running
  • get 1500 mg of sodium every day. Since I started tracking my food, I've noticed that I get somewhere between 0.8 and 1 grams, when my RDA (according to Daily Plate, at least) is about twice that. Apparently that can lead to low blood pressure (which I know I'm already prone to even when I'm semi-dehydrated and not exercising a lot), which can lead to bad things. Anyone know more about this? Let me know!
Oh yes. For those who don't know me, the title of this post is a reference to an old, old story in which little tiny Nelly is standing by the stove in the first house she remembers while Mama gets out the big brown glass bowl from the cabinet overhead to make a birthday cake for Papa. The bowl slips out of her hands, and little Nelly looks up to see the bowl falling down towards her, hitting the edge of the stove and shattering, showering her in a glittering torrent of shards. By some miracle, the only injury is a small, not-too-deep cut on her arm, which she is very brave about. As she is bandaged up in the bathroom, she sniffs back her tears and tells her Mama "Chocolate will make me feel better."

Crossfit is better than chocolate.


PS: Yes, I really remember watching the bowl fall. And I still have the scar.

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  1. "Crossfit is better than chocolate" - someone should put that on a bumper sticker or a t-shirt. Such an inspiring post!