Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good and bad

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BAD: Summer is officially over. No more fresh fruit and tomatoes at the farmer's market! Soon I'll have to start wearing sleeves again. Also, I was a bad pagan and missed all the summer festivals.
GOOD: Fall is probably my favorite season except for the fact that winter comes right after it. Apples! Squash! More apples! CIDER! And there's Mabon and Samhain to look forward to (and actually get something planned for this time around!)

BAD: I've had coffee several times this week, instead of sticking to the original goal of just once.
GOOD: I no longer rely on the stuff to get me awake in the morning. As such, I can now actually enjoy it for the taste, instead of just slamming it back, too impatient for the effects to kick in to even remember that oh yeah that's right, it's hazelnut-flavored.
mmmm, hazelnut...

BAD: I live 600 miles away from my boy and only get to see him a couple of times a year.
GOOD: We've somehow managed to keep continuously falling in love with each other for just over two years now. And the next time I see him will be this Friday! In approximately 57 hours! I'm too excited, you say? Nooo...

GOOD(i'm switching 'em up now! watch out!): The Primal Blueprint 30-day Challenge over on MDA just started up yesterday. Yay for eating healthy food and being active!
BAD: Um...I'm actually sipping coffee right now. While I'm inside. Sitting at the computer. And all this coming weekend I'll be wined and dined and also eating at my Grandma's house and trying not to offend her. (she gets rawther annoyed by vegetarians/pescetarians/lo-carbers/no-carbers/anyone with food restrictions, really)
BETTER: Other than the coffee, I am being amazingly good about what I eat. And there's always something at restaurants, even if you have to ask for it special. And Grandma still talked to me even after I attended Thanksgiving at her place while being vegan. So it shouldn't be too bad.

BAD: I just got my first bikini-area wax yesterday and it hurt like a BITCHMONSTER.
GOOD: It did not hurt NEARLY as much as I thought it would. Also, now it's over and done with! And apparently the first time is always the hardest, should I decide to get it done again.

BAD: Last session was my last official Crossfit Bootcamp. Now I'm no longer the second-most-experienced vet in the class...just one more (noticeably fluffier than most of the other regulars) fish in a pond (that is filled to the gills (MIXED FISH-RELATED METAPHORS LOL) with the crazy elites).
GOOD: See those insanely fit people doing hundreds of one-armed handstand pushups in a row?

That's gonna be ME.


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  1. Ughhhh bikini waxes! The last one I got, the woman took off hair from places that I didn't even know there COULD be hair. I felt slightly violated. And it hurt to sit for a while.

    Yay for seeing the boy this weekend! Have a good one!