Sunday, July 1, 2012


Saturdays are always the worst.  Work normally lasts about 12 hours, give or take, and this time it was "give," with a total of 13 hours 4 minutes on my time card, and one break at about 7pm do I could run home and feed the dog.  Other than that, I sat down for about a minute one time and was upright constantly for the rest of the time.  Here's what I ate all day:

2 cups of coffee with heavy cream in the morning
One slice of toasted sweet bread that the chef made me unprompted
Probably about 10 2-3 inch pieces of bacon
A whole lot of unsweetened tea with kvass (no lemonade!)

When I finally got home:
A big glass of kefir, milk and cream all stirred together
About 2/3 c of leftover chicken pieces
A small handful of almonds and Brazil nuts

Looking back at this, it's way less than I thought.  Problem is, it's really hard to schedule the day so I have a solid 20 minutes free to sit and eat - I'll have 4 or 5 minutes here and there, but most of the time something is just minutes away from needing my attention, if it doesn't need it immediately.  Such are the joys of being a baker.

Exercise: nothing formal, just a whole lot of lifting that barge and toting that bale.  Also took a 15-minute ice bath right before bed because of the ridonkulous record heat we're having, if that counts for anything.

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