Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh my god(s).  I'm actually on vacation.  So this is what weekends feel like. I'd forgotten...


For starters, some coffee, poured into the cream jar to melt out the last little bits that the spoon couldn't get to.  In the picture, it's sitting on my kitchen windowsill beside some dried apple peels for a nukadoko via this recipe, forthcoming whenever I can either find some rice bran in a local store or just buy it online.

Next, the main course: a spatula-load of ground beef, cooked in fatback.  The rest gets saved for dinner, when it will be too freaking hot to even look at the stove.  A delicious eggwhite omelette gets snuggled up to that.  Don't worry, I'm not crazy - the yolks are hiding in my morning kefir. To that, add the rest of the fatback and a cup of ruby-red sauerkraut and you have a pretty awesome first-day-of-vaycay breakfast.

Exercise: read The Tao of Pooh in child's pose while drinking my coffee.  I think that counts.

A little bit of leftover chicken, one baked egg and some nuts, with a little butter added after the picture was taken. To drink, a big glass of kvass - no, that's not juice!  The taste is something like chilled salty-sour broth.  I absolutely adore it, as the four more full quart jars in my fridge will tell you.

Another handful of almonds and Brazil nuts, along with a glass of half kvass and half kefir.  It's such a bright magenta you'd never guess there's not a single artificial ingredient in it - not even a cooked one, come to think of it: the kefir is just raw milk with kefir grains added, left for about a day.  I strain a batch every now and then, just often enough to keep myself in whey, which is then added to a big half-gallon jar of chopped beets, salt and water and let sit for a few days to make the kvass.  The other outcome of straining the kefir is farmer's cheese, which, dried as much as possible, salted and packed in olive oil, tastes like softer feta and is great with tomatoes.

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