Sunday, July 1, 2012


One glass of kefir
A few pieces of chicken
About 10 almonds
2 cups of coffee with heavy cream at work

One burger patty (no bun) with gruyere, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and aioli, plus fries with ketchup.  This was amazing and I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it.  Also, I spent what I thought was a nice decently-long time eating and chilling, and when I clocked back in I discovered it only took 18 minutes.  Time to either eat more slowly and mindfully or else realize that I actually can find the time to eat a meal on Saturdays.

After work, I cleaned up, returned Tulip to Amy's (sadface) and then went out with my dad and The Man to see "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."  All I have to say is, the reviewer who gave it zero stars (that's right, not a single one) must not have read the damn title.  If you want to see a movie about Abraham Lincoln killing evil Southern vampires with a silver-tipped axe, you will enjoy this movie.  If your standards for things like continuity and action scenes where you can pretty much tell what's going on are fairly low and you cried when Wash died in Serenity, you will immensely enjoy this movie   If you want something to make you think, go see Schindler's List or something.  Coincidentally, the actor playing Abe looks scarily like Liam Neeson.

A big heap of Southern Cackalacky BBQ, two kinds of greens and some grapes at the Whole Foods buffet with the aforementioned gentlemen.  We talked about how apparently Lincoln's entire cabinet consisted of his childhood friend and his former shopkeeper boss.

Big glass of kefir, milk and cream.  Time to pass out.


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