Thursday, November 8, 2012

PFL Update and upcoming posts!

I have SO MANY THINGS to write about!  Here's the news, first: there is now a page dedicated to this project!  Click on the tab up at the top entitled "Project Fear Less" to see all the posts made so far, along with summaries of what happened.  This will be updated regularly, as well as helping me keep track of how many I've done so I can plan big ones for the major numbers.

And the upcoming posts:
  1. (Design And) Build A Couch
  2. Throw A Party
  3. Go On A Date (it happened a while ago but I still need to write about it!)
  4. (Keep) Get(ting) Back To People (this one's never really done because then they write back and I have to reply again!  which is not a bad thing!  but it might get removed)
  5. Pose Nude For An Artist
Yep.  You read that last one right.  It was definitely the scariest one on the list.  And...short version: it's awesome.

Comments: give me suggestions for more things to do!


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