Thursday, January 27, 2011

...and then a WIN

 So the last time I attempted to find my max weight for the back squat, we were doing the CrossFit Total workout.  It's entirely lifting: overhead press, back squat and deadlift, as heavy on each as you can go.  I got a solid 165 for the back squat that day (also when I hit my standing deadlift max of 185), but when I tried to go higher (I can't remember if I tried for 170 or 175), I slipped at the bottom of the squat and rolled the bar down my back, leaving some very pretty bruises all the way down my spine.  Not so much the fun times.

Today, however, was much better.  Warmed up with a 45-lb bar, then did 3 reps each of 85, 100, 115 and 130, followed by 1 rep each of 145, 152.5, 160 and then attempts at a new 1-rep max.  .  For this move (as with all squats), it's super important to go below parallel - that is, your hips need to be below your knees - at the bottom, so your glutes engage and take the strain off your quads and knees.  I was sharing a rack with Katja i.e. Awesome Tall Yoga Lady, and something we both noticed was that the higher the weight, the easier it was to get lower (duh, I know) but the less it felt like you were going so low.  I started to worry that I really wasn't going low enough on the heavy lifts, but Dave said it looked just fine, so I tried not to worry or force it too much.

So 160 seemed heavy, but not too heavy.  Katja and I both hit 165, my previous max, without too much grunting, so we moved it up to 170 and stuck that one just fine too, which is her new 1RM, so yay Katja!.  We were running out of time, so I tried once more for 175 and...made the hell out of it :D  I'm even sure I could have done a little heavier! 

I can lift things that weigh considerably more than I do.

I just love saying that.




  1. Um wow. Mega congrats! I am super impressed considering that I could probably life about...a tenth of my weight.

  2. Thanks, Joanne! You should seriously try it sometime. I am absolutely certain you will be able to lift more than you think.

    Also, you're in the same city as Al Kavadlo! Check out his blog in my list under "Fitness" - he's awesome!