Thursday, August 19, 2010

A good day :)

Why was* it good, you ask?

BECAUSE I CAN CHEW AGAIN!!!!!!! (thank you clove oil)

In celebration, I went to the farmer's market and brought back these lovelies:Peaches, basil, 4 different kinds of tomato and the cutest little melon you ever did see!

And then I went to...
  • 10-15ish minutes of snatch practice with PVC pipes. Please oh PLEASE let us do it with real bars next time!
  • WOD: 20 pushups, 10 squats; 18 pushups, 10 squats; continued like that all the way down to 2 pushups with no squats afterwards. Yes, that's 110 pushups. And I did them all real-style, off my knees. Even when the end of a set was marked by collapse.
  • Tabata wall-balls, because Colin was feeling fiendish. 20 seconds on, 10 off for 4 minutes, doing as many as possible in the given times. Someone had apparently stolen all the 10-lb balls so I had to use a 12. Directly after a ridiculous amount of pushups, that's fairly difficult. You'd never guess.
These are the gorgeous ladies I have the privilege of working out with every week!From the left: Summer, Cat (the newbies!), Beth, Sam and Melinda (the vets!). Love these girls! Yay muscles!And this is Colin, our newest sadistic torturer**. His blog is here. The pic is probably blurry because he's a ninja. Or because my photographing-other-people-skills normally consist of yelling "hey look there's a camera pointing at you do something interesting!" Or because the entire day consisted of arm exercises. Yeah, way to keep things balanced, COLIN. Geez.

And then came dinner!
  • 2 of the farmer's market tomatoes, chunked up and drowned in balsamic vinegar, sea salt, torn-up basil and EVOO. Caprese salad minus cheese, basically.
  • salmon steak, cooked slowly in a pan in a little EVOO until it was practically falling apart. my mouth is watering again just typing this.
  • a big ol' grape cluster
  • some tuna from a can, because I was just that famished
  • and also a mug of milk
Watched a bit of a movie, talked to T (who made me smile a lot!) did the dishes and went to bed. I think we can qualify this day as a success.



*this was actually how I spent Wednesday and I'm only posting it now.
**Total jk. He's actually pretty awesome.


  1. Crossfit sounds like so much fun! Love your salad - it looks awesome!

  2. I'm SO glad your mouth is feeling better. All the better for you to eat delicious food with! So awesome that you have a group of great ladies to work out with! There is definitely power in numbers.