Friday, July 23, 2010

Stress relief

So we all know that different people have many, many different ways of dealing with stress. Some people stay in and meditate. Some people go out and party.

Some people curl up with a good book and a sleepy kitten.Some people roll up their sleeves and move furniture around.

[image forthcoming]

Some people make soup.And...some people make radical spur-of-the-moment decisions like getting all of their hair chopped off.
Yes, that's me. I've had short hair before, but never gone to quite this extreme. Normally I'd be running my fingers through it every five seconds, but 1. the stylist put all kinds of goopy stuff in it and 2. I'm just a little afraid to remind myself just how much is gone. Part of me regrets this. But then again, my trich was getting to a point where I needed to do something again, and it really is only hair. Plus, I do love the look of very glamorously-made-up ladies with super-short hair, and now I can make an attempt at that at V's birthday bar crawl on Sat! Yay!

Also, my latest haul of books is AWESOME. "The Barefoot Home" turned out to be just page after page of these stunningly gorgeous houses, all designed expressly for connection with the outside world as well as comfort, so I've been poring over this pretty much every time I have half a minute, lately. Total escapism. Gotta love it.

Time for work!



  1. Your hair looks great - short hair suits you!

  2. Babe you have way more strength when it comes to your hair than I do...but it looks awesome! Good luck at the bar crawl. I'm sure you'll be quite the eye catcher.

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm getting more used to it now and now I can't stop touching it - I used to pet my guy friends with super-short hair all the time, and now I know why they let me, haha!