Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday morning...

...came WAY earlier than normal today, thanks to a hungry cat sitting on top of me, chewing my nose and saying incessantly (in Cat, of course) "I love you I love you I'm HUNGRY I love you feed me right NOW please?"But it turned out to be totally worth it.
Clockwise from the top: Artemisia "Powis Castle," Platycodon bud (the little green knobbly thing), true geranium blossom (possibly "Johnson's Blue?"), fully opened Platycodon. These are also known as "balloon flower," as right up until the buds open they look like miniature hot air balloons. They're amam's favorite flower in the garden - she loves to watch them puff and swell and suddenly turn that bright blue-lavender, which means that the next day they'll pop open and reveal the vision seen above.

I was tired and still feeling meh last night, so the fact that I actually made a nice sit-down dinner instead of grabbing a bunch of leftovers is something to remark on.
  • 1 salmonburger cooked in a little EVOO
  • on a toasted sandwich thin
  • fixins: a couple Ts of hummus, 1/4 avocado, purple lettuce (because it's prettier!
Dessert was the BEST.
  • 1 c "cream" - 1/2 c 2% milk, 1/2 c greek-style yoghurt, whisked together, with about a t of vanilla extract added
  • blueberries!
I got a couple books about food from the library recently, a bit unrelated (one's about how you should eat Real Food because it will make you happy, another is very low-tech instructions on how to make your own yoghurt, butter, cheese, etc etc - wouldn't be out of place in a real live homestead kitchen) but both pretty vehement in the thought that yoghurt is pretty much the best thing ever. According to the latter tome, "the ancient Assyrians called it lebeny (meaning "life")." That's pretty damn cool. It's also said to "promote intestinal and vaginal health (ladies...), build stronger bones (again, ladies...), enhance immunity, lower blood pressure (um...everyone...?) and may even have anticancer and weight-loss effects (although I've hear that it's more of a balancer - that is, gain or lose based on what your body needs - than specifically weight-loss. But this is also kind of a healthy-eating book so as "natural" as it is, there's gotta be some kinda bias toward losing weight in our society)."

So pretty much yoghurt is the best thing ever for you, and it also tastes like tangy heaven with a little vanilla added.

Off to work I go!



  1. I'm a yogurt fiend. I can't believe how many health bloggers think it's bad for you!

  2. Damn. Seriously? Maybe the conventional sugar-filled shit (I think it was Dannon that at one point had a product that was so un-yoghurt-like that the FDA didn't allow them to call it yoghurt anymore)...but seriously, one of the most ancient health foods still around.

    Who are these people so I can go preach to them? :P