Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Project Fear Less: Sing on the Internet

Hi there, internet.

I missed you too.  Exams and work and stress and drama and gahhhh.  But I'm still alive.  And now I'm back with a vengeance.  Or something like that.

So there are videos of me on the internet.  Finn, if you're reading this, no, not that kind.  For shame, boy.  No...there are just a few, mostly documenting some stuff I did at my old school, like help my buddy Myles out with an ad for his baby, Terrier Productions (yes, I was a blonde once):

...or that one time my friends and I danced in a talent show and did not win but had a ton of fun:

But never, until now (to my knowledge, at least), was there a record of my voice on the internet.

My whole family is musical.  Pretty much every get-together ends up in a jam session, and it's freaking amazing.  My dad plays guitar and might still have a banjo hidden in the back of his closet, and sings and writes music and was in a band for a while.  My seester plays piano like crazy and is/was in a band (yay, Maggie and the Romantics!) and sings and writes music.  My babysis sings better than Adele and was/is in an awesome acapella group that's put out CDs and done generally amazing things.  And my mom hooked my dad by singing a line from this song to him the first time they met.  True story.

So I've got genetics on my side, a bit.  But apart from being in a couple of choruses in high school and my old college and some summer talent shows, I haven't done a lot of performances.  Singing in front of people normally gets my heart racing like yeah whoa - there's just something so intensely personal about singing, as opposed to acting or speaking.  It's harder to hide emotion in a singing voice.  Everything's just laid out there.

But.  I have been practicing.  I sing so much in the kitchen at work that the butcher told me to shut up (true story).  And I hum or sing softly to myself when walking down the sidewalk at school or around town.  And I sing very loudly in the parking garage while walking back to my car at night (SUCH great acoustics).  And I sing all the freaking time in my apartment.  And one of these times that I was singing in my apartment I set up a camera and hit record.  And this happened.

I think it's ok-fine.  My pitch goes way up throughout the song.  Honestly, the scariest part about this is hitting the publish button and knowing that everyone is seeing it, even though it's not too terribly bad.  I don't know why that is.  But yeah.  I'm a person who sings on the internet now.  Gahhhhokay.


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