Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Fear Less: To-Do List

So...yeah.  This blogging deal tends to lose preference when placed next to midterms, moving, dealing with bleargh and generally pretty much all other types of taking care of bidness.  So when I disappear from the interwubs for a while, it's probably because I have other life too, and it's getting in the way.  But hhhhhanyways...
There have been a lot, and I mean a LOT, of things that have happened to me since I wrote last that definitely fall under the project criteria.  And for some reason I just keep on forgetting to putting off writing about them.  So, without further ado, here's a semi-comprehensive list of all the things in recent memory that I really, really need to glue my ass to the chair and write about in detail, because they are making me more awesome.
  1. Go Dancing Alone
  2. Talk To My Neighbors
  3. Flirt Back, i.e. The Origami Whale Story (unrelated to #2)
  4. Do A Forward Roll From Standing.  And Then Like Eleventy Billion More (recall, if you will, the feelings of imminent death that being upside down and falling generally give me)
  6. Try A New (And Entirely Unfamiliar) Martial Art
  7. Get Punched Really Hard/Punch Someone Else Semi-Really-Hard
Here's a few more than are either on my list to do soon or in the works already:
  1. Get Back To People (I've got a long list - Alicia, other Alicia, Sean, Kristen, Caitlin...damn, I know there's more than that.  But yes.  Replies soon.  If you're not on that short list but think you should be, or if you just want to be, hit me up.)
  2. Post My Budget And Finances
  3. Build A Couch
  4. Throw A Party
  5. Purple Mohawk.  (maybe) (seriously, maybe)
That's it for now.  All of the ones on the first list should be going up in the next week - I'm finally making use of both a bit of free time and the option to schedule posts.  If anyone's still reading, let me know in the comments: which one do you want to hear about most?  Any suggestions for more?  Anyone want to help with the mohawk?


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