Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To everyone who commented on my last post (updated 3Apr11)

You guys are amazing.  Seriously.  I was all like "blog blag blarg bleah" and you were like "no but yay, see?"  And it helped a lot.

Phil: Thank you!  It's especially nice to be told by someone I consider a total badass that we're in the same boat/tent/other containment device.  If we're ever in the gym at the same time again, we need to have a WOD-off.  I bet you I'll be slower than you.  Loser (of the bet) buys the winner a burger at King's.  Sound cool?

John: Thank you! You can emulate me any day :)  And it really means a lot to be counted in that description, of "people who seemed to be having the most fun. The people who greeted me and the people who seemed get the most joy out of each WOD. Especially by those who seemed driven by love of exercise and not ego."  Awesome.  You always have the best things to say.  And you are a total badass.

Emily: Thank you!  That's so true about the quality of work being the most important - I need to remember that even though I might be slow, I look damn good.  I'm talking about my form, of course.  Also, Recovering-Fat-Kid powers, activate: form of a TOTAL BADASS!  Also, those bacon-wrapped almond-stuffed dates on your blog look kind of amazing.

Maggie (who emailed me): Thank you!  It's more myself and my silly thought process than "the CrossFit thing" that gets me down, but having wonderful people like you around to provide happy thoughts makes everything get whole lot better a whole lot faster.  And you are the baddest of all the asses because you are my seester and I love you.

Amy: If you suddenly appeared in my living room right after I read your comment, I would go in for a full-contact body-check-esque high five that would then turn into a hug.  Thank you!  You are an amazing athlete (without any quotation marks at all because it's TRUE, so fucking ACCEPT it already) and a total badass, and any admiration you have for me is returned tenfold.

Lindsay: I think all the self-proclaimed slowpokes need to have a WOD-off for reverse time.  For serious.  And then Dave can do a feature on the winner, something like "I'm the slowest person at CFD and I can still (deadlift 300 lbs/throw a 20lb wallball over the wall/scare small children with my shoes/blah de blah)."  Eh?  Eh?  Anyways, thank you!  I don't see you in the gym nearly as often as I'd like to, because you're kind of awesome (and also a total badass).  Also, I have no idea why you weren't in my bloglist before.  That has been remedied.

Joanne: You know, "Workout Of Death" is actually a MUCH better way of putting it.  I like your style.  And also, aw shucks I ain't all that *shuffles feet*...but thank you :)  As for being 30 minutes behind everyone else...I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you're probably much more of a total badass than you think.  I know that was true for me.  And if you're ever down in NC, give me a holler and I'll give you a chance to realise that!

You guys make me smile like crazy.  Thank you all :)


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