Monday, April 4, 2011

WOD=Workout Of Death (plus a recipe!)

So Joanne mentioned in a comment that she was under the impression that "WOD" stood for "Workout Of Death."  I think that's actually amazingly apt, especially when applied to yesterday's ridiculousness.

Colin the Caveman Ninja led the workout, so we warmed up by crawling, obvs.  Then there was about 15 minutes of "climbing onto and over things" which was mostly just muscle-up practice on the pull-up bars.  The whole deal with swinging around and flipping over the bar and being approximately 25 feet above the ground does not agree with me, so I just watched this part.  Crazy Tom is crazy amazing at these, by the way.  Next time you see him in the gym, tell him I said to show off his mad skills!

So then we got down to the actual workout.  Here it is, in all its lurid glory:

For time:
  • 70 burpees
  • 60 sit-ups
  • 50 overhead kettlebell swings (35lb KB)
  • 40 pull-ups
  • 30 handstand push-ups
For the happily uninformed, these are burpees.

The first 10 passed fairly quickly.  The second 10 weren't too bad either.  I think it was somewhere around 40 that I started to significantly slow down (relative to myself, that is).  I think that took a good third of my total time.  I got a good pace going on the sit-ups, so they were actually a decent rest from the burpees.  KB swings started out solid, but my shoulder started to bug me so I switched to one-armed face-height swings with a 30lb KB for the last 20 reps, all with my left arm.  The last two movements were also scaled: instead of pull-ups, I did one-armed ring rows (got the right arm going just for balance on the last 10) and instead of HPSUs I did regular push-ups.  And I was the slowest at 25:something.  But I can crank out 30 push-ups with relatively little effort at the end of a crazy workout with a busted shoulder.  So that means I'm awesome. :D

And here's the food!

mise en place ftw!
I used Coach Too-Cute-To-Hate's recipe for chicken faux mein, tweaking it a little because I'm just cool like that.  I didn't measure out the chicken, just used what I had left over from the last one I roasted.  I also didn't have fresh ginger or gluten-free soy sauce, so I subbed ginger powder and regular soy sauce, and I added the optional honey, so it wasn't really paleo.  Also, 8 cloves of garlic is a hell of a lot for normal people.  I used 4 large ones and it gave a nice kick, so I'm a little worried about how twice that amount would be.  I added it in at the beginning, going along with the recipe, but I wish I'd stuck with my gut and waited til the end, as you're supposed to do with garlic.  I did wait til the very end to add the green onions so they'd stay bright and delicious-looking, and it totally worked.

the delicious outcome
There was one major but very simple change I made to the recipe that turned it from delicious to your-head-asplode-with-delight*.  And that was to stir in a spoonful of Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter, you could probably use another nut butter) directly before consuming.  ZOMGUH.  Try it, you guys.  Especially those people who frequent Mike's mobility workouts.  This will make all the pain go away.


*yes, this is a reference to both Strongbad and Monty Python.

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