Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I knew this would happen eventually

Some wonderful person has finally combined my two loves of CrossFit and window (browser window...) shopping for clothes I'll probably never buy to create this amazing blog:

Every day, a new workout outfit.  Simple as that.  But they're pretty!  Sometimes they have themes...

...or ridiculous/amazing/ridiculously amazing shirts...

the hoodie shows a woman lifting a barbell over her head while riding a unicorn.  via
it's a unicorn puking rainbows! via
the front of the shirt says "shut up!" via
...and sometimes they're just badass as all hell, while still being undeniably feminine.
the back of the shirt says "trained hard." via
Of course it's geared towards XFitters, which means a lot of the outfits feature knee socks (where did we get that fad from???), but that doesn't make them any less wearable for people who are not crazy.  And there are links provided with each entry for every item featured!  Love it.  Check them out!  Now!

Also, I really, really want this shirt.


  1. I think the Knee Sock phenomenon stems from the overwhelming desire to deadlift without sheering the skin off of one's shin bone. Plus knee socks take 3 seconds off your 500m row.

  2. Johnathan: Aren't we doing 500m rows in today's WOD? I must test this hypothesis...

  3. YES! I love the 11th skill! It is one that I just might be able to master :)

  4. Haha these are awesome! I think when you buy one, we need to a picture of you modeling it.

  5. Kristen: lol! Well, you've already got the victory of Team Sisterwives' matching knee socks under your belt; I think you're a solid contender for this!

    Joanne: oh definitely! I have a picture post already planned, all about my new skeletoes shoes...(look them up :D)