Friday, February 18, 2011


Good food is just gorgeous.  All these pictures were taken sporadically, and each time I was just struck by how positively artful real, natural food is.  Not even artful - it is art!  Take a look:

Plain omelette with the most perfect yellow bell pepper strips and brussel sprouts, roasted and then tossed around in a hot pan for a minute.  The darkest, sweetest cherries.

My lunch right now: red cabbage, brussel sprouts and onion, roasted til fragrant and flaky.  Just look at that cabbage!  It's like a gem!

Photographic evidence of the best chicken soup ever, for the nonbelievers.  The stock turned out so rich that I cut it about half-and-half with water to make this, and it was still exploding with flavor. 

Disclaimer: I use a free photo-editing program called PicSay (link is to the "pro," paid version) on pictures taken with the coolest phone in the world.  All I do is heighten the saturation just a little, until the picture on the screen more closely matches what I see.  Still learning how to use it but I think I do ok for now.

What is your favorite-looking food?



  1. wait wait wait...there is a star wars phone??? my husband sells verizon phones and has let me walk around with a boring old regular droid??? and what is the photo editing program called?

  2. Why yes it is a Star Wars phone! The back is patterned to look like R2D2 and it has all his little sounds to use as ringtones. Seriously the cutest thing ever.

    Edited to include the name of the app - sorry!

  3. You watered down your stock?? I KNEW you were doing it wrong, rookie ;)

  4. Sarge: That's to stretch it out because I'm FRUGAL, damnit! Also, I made it so good that it didn't even matter, so there!

  5. You know a meal HAS to be good for you when it has all of the colors on the rainbow and looks so darn pretty!

  6. Joanne: That means your rainbow cookies count as health food, right? :D

  7. Nelly Muffins : (kinda)