Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey you guys.

So today at Crossfit we were working at establishing a 3-rep max for deadlifts.

As far as I can remember (because I was silly and didn't write it down), last time I did deadlifts I was somewhere around 120ish for the max, without trying terribly hard, but I hadn't done them in forever.  So today I teamed up with this one woman (don't know her name, but she's awesome - smaller than me but crazy strong!) to work together on the same bar.  We started at 75lbs, which was pretty easy, and moved up fairly fast through 95, 115 and 125, then she maxed out at 135 (which was definitely more than her bodyweight, so w00t!) and I kept going.

So I did pretty well at 145.  And then 150.  And then 155.  I was only aiming for anything over bodyweight, so I felt pretty happy with this.  And then Rich (who was the trainer that day) came around and looked at me sideways and then at my bar and then back to me, and he put a whole bunch of weights on.  Like, ALL of the ones I had lying there.  So I went ahead and tried that one.


Right now, I weigh between 145 and 150.  Way back two years ago when I started all this glorious insanity that is Crossfit, I weighed approximately 180 with no muscle tone whatsoever.

So I just lifted my old sad fat self.  And it felt GOOD.


(I also got a 3-rep max of 165 and a total time of 6:20 for today's WOD with rowing, but the other news was cooler.)

Lurkers: show yourselves!  Tell me about a time when you were just in awe of your own incredibleness.



  1. Whoa I am SO impressed. I think the most I could dead-lift is 40 lb. Total.

    In response to your question, shaved just refers to brussels sprouts that are really super thinly sliced. here's a picture:

  2. I can't say that I know exactly what a dead-lift is, haha.. I've never been a fan of weights.. nevertheless, I'm extremely impressed! Good job girl!


  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies!

    Joanne - I bet if you tried it you'd lift more than you'd think! And now I'm craving brussels sprouts like CRAZY, thanks :P

    Haleigh - give it a try sometime, you might love it! Marilyn Monroe was reportedly a fan, and if it was good enough for her, well then :D