Friday, May 6, 2011

CrossFit will destroy my face

So I've had my share of injuries attained in the box before.  Sprains, strains, stubbed toes, ripped hands, etc etc.  There have even been a few times when I hit myself in the mouth with a barbell (I do not recommend trying that one out at all).  But in the past two days I reached a new level of insanity: I actually managed to bruise my face.  Twice.  Yesterday doing clusters (squat clean the barbell, then push it overhead) I whacked myself a good one in the chin and got a nice little blueish dot there.  And today I managed to conk my cheek with a dumbbell while doing push presses.  Here is the aftermath:
right there below my cheekbone!

It's hard to photograph.  You can see it better in person, I swear.  And it's the beginning of the end.  Before you know it, I'll have missing teeth and cauliflower ears and a nose that goes sideways.  But I'll have abs like yeah whoa.  Will it be worth it?  Only time will tell.



  1. My recurring booboo is a bruised collarbone from the bar when when doing overhead movements.

    Pretty face lady, bruise and all!

  2. Ooh yeah, collarbone is a good one. Also the front points of the shoulders when doing front squats! Gotta love it.

    Thank you! That made me blush :)