Monday, October 5, 2009


  • ~1 1/2 c lo mein
  • 6? pieces tofu
  • 1 c chocolate milk
Notes: No work today, as Duke is closed for fall break. So I'm bumming around in my bathrobe. Not being dressed always makes me want to just carry the lazy-bum thing into all aspects of my life.

Closing my computer. Getting dressed and washing my face. Cleaning my room. After the floor is clear I'm writing down my notes for this speech tomorrow and filling out this drop-class form.

Late Lunch
  • ~1/2 c lo mein
  • 10 pieces tofu
Notes: Room is slowly getting cleaner. Thank god for concentration aids. I have too much shit.

  • 1x around the Duke wall with Megan
Notes: Only ran about 1/4 of the way, if that. Megan's foot started really hurting her and we stopped to walk, made a detour to 9th St Active Feet for their expert advice (which turned out to be the same as mine: that she needs new shoes or at the very least an insert or orthotic).

  • 3 slices swiss cheese
  • ~1 c Mama's soup (beans, peppers, potatoes? corn?)
  • ~1/3 c greek yoghurt in the soup - delish!
  • 2 c hot water with 2T honey and 2T ACV
  • 400-m sprint to warm up
  • ~10 min tactical practice with 25-lb KBs (20-lbs for snatches)
  • Filthy Thirty: 30 ea. of box jumps, jumping pull-ups, American KB swings, hanging knees-to-elbows, walking lunges, push press with 35-lb bar, back extensions, wall ball with 12-lb ball, 15 burpees and 60 single-under jump-ropes. I think that's all. Kinda feel like there was another though.
Notes: Holy fuck this one was hard. Got really, really bad cramps halfway through the knees-to-elbows and had to leave the room to get over it. One of the super-fit regulars came to check on me and was super nice, talked me up and commiserated and all. I finished the workout, just really slowly, and had to stop another couple of times, but I made it. No idea of the time, and I wouldn't really count it if I did know.

Sarah the crazy-awesome fitness goddess said I was a total rockstar for working so hard through the pain, and she and Jill were trading "nelly is awesome" comments back and forth for a minute or two - good thing my face was already red from working out or it would have been even more apparent that I was blushing ;P

  • 2 small slices sourdough bread
  • ~1 1/2 c 2% milk
  • 1 salmon burger
  • like 10 almonds
  • 3/4 c orange sherbet
  • 1 T "whipped topping"
  • 4 c tea with catnip, chamomile, chaste tree berries and red clover. Begone, cramps!
Notes: I forgot what one unlabeled herb was but suspected it was catnip. One pinch on the kitchen floor and 5 minutes of tail-chasing later, my suspicions were confirmed. :D

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