Project Fear Less

0: Fear less.  Inspiration.
1. Post The First.  Aspiration.
2, 3, 4, 5. Works, meet wrench.  Heights; crying in public; working out the old injury; (trying) to make friends.
6. Be Upside-Down.  Otherwise known as I DID A FREAKING HANDSTAND.
7. Adopt Kittens.  Tam and Mina crawl their fuzzy little butts into my home and my heart.
8. Finish A Project Alone.  Complete the table I started with my (then quite-recent) ex.
9, 10, 11. A Few Things.  Solidify moving; write a fan letter to a non-celebrity; start working through freeze-points in martial arts.
12. Go Short.  REALLY Short.  Cut pretty much all of my hair off.
13. Go Dancing Alone.  Donned a bright red dress and got my swang on!
14. Talk To My Neighbors.  The first step at breaking down this weird American living-ten-feet-away-from-people-who-are-still-strangers thing we've got going on.
15. Flirt Back, i.e. The Origami Whale Story.  Break away from my practiced dorkiness and smile back for once.
16. Artes Marciales, part 1.  DO A BARREL FORWARD ROLL.
17, 18.  Artes Marciales, part 2.  Try a totally unfamiliar (i.e. not Japanese) martial art (Systema); get punched in the face)
19. Build A Couch.  From doodling a design on Thursday morning to having people over to sit on it the following Wednesday evening (with no work done on Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
20.  Be An Art Model.  Got naked for posterity.

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