Friday, January 29, 2010


  • 1 serving Healthy 'N' Stuff Branny Nuts cereal (i dunno, just 24g carbs and 130cal
  • 1/2 c 2% milk with the cereal
  • 1 small glass 2% milk
  • 1 little raspberry yoghurt
  • 1 oz white cheddar
Notes: I'm automatically waking up at 5:15ish now (except when I sleep in to 5:45). It's been one of these numbers, unless I'm awakened by my alarm, for a while now. I guess I like being up early, I just don't like the actual getting up part. Kind of grumpy right now. I'll have a little coffee at work.

At work
  • 12 oz coffee with 12 oz whole steamed milk (total)
  • 1/2 c of mozzarella & tomato salad
  • 2 vegan spring rolls
  • 2/3ish c bean and tomato chili stuff
  • 1/4 c oikos
  • 1 little raspberry yoghurt
  • 1 small glass chocolate milk with skim
  • 200 or so jump ropes to warm up
  • tactical stuff: a few push presses with a 35lb sandbag to get the hang of it, 10 Russian KB swings and 10 American KB swings with a 25-lb dumbbell
  • WOD: AMRAP of 10 sandbag push presses, 15 American KB swings and 250m row. I finished 6 rounds (I think. Might have been 7) with about 10 seconds to spare.
Notes: Ugh...didn't eat with enough time beforehand, and that combined with the full moon means I had cramps like yeah whoa. The other girls were ahead of me by one set of push presses. Not too bad, considering. I definitely held my own on those rows, even toward the end, and I was the only one using a 35lb sandbag (the others had 25lb)

There was a crazy dude doing his own WOD with a gas mask kinda thing on to limit his oxygen intake. He was running outside (in the blizzard) with a sandbag that looked to be about 50lb, and a little kid who had been throwing snowballs at everything that moved looked up at him and said "What ARE you???" He was kind of eating it up afterward, kept talking and not-quite-bragging about it. Kind of an insane guy. Not sure what to think of it.

  • 2 c cooked spinach with garlic omgz yum
  • 1 c 2% milk
  • 2/3 c bean chili with 1/4 c oikos
  • 1 Yuengling
  • about 2 handfuls of plain popcorn

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