Thursday, July 1, 2010

I feel accomplished!

It's the last day of my "weekend," and I think it's been a pretty fruitful one. It's been absolutely gorgeous weather, but I didn't let that stop me! On Monday I wrote out a list of all the things I needed to do, and I think I actually got most of them done! Here they are:
  • laundry: done. ALL of it. it was like 3 loads. next: weed out my wardrobe!
  • cleaned room: mostly. there's still boxes of papers and decorative things that I just don't have room for but won't throw out...but I did get things tidy enough to switch up the layout! pics soon
  • dentist appointment: made! it took a few tries to get the receptionist on the phone long enough to take my information (she was having a bad day) but I finally did! this'll be only the third time I've ever gone to a dentist other than the one I feared saw all through childhood, counting different ones for a checkup and a surgery, so we'll see how it goes...
  • new phone: activated and updated with all my info! the price chart at the verizon store listed phone info transfer at $20...but they didn't ask me to pay a dime. I love being a girl :D
  • credit limit: increased! well, as soon as they call me to ask any remaining questions and let me know the new amount. while I was at the bank, the associate also let me know about a new savings account type that I can do now with a significantly higher interest rate. w00t! next up: top off emergency fund, then open an IRA. yay being prepared!
  • boy: awesome and lovable. that is all.
I've also started doing my weekly goals again with a vengeance, now that the 2Sexy girls are meeting again! This week, they are
  1. do Zone all the way for 4 days - that's 3 balanced meals and two balanced snacks, all timed correctly. this is the second day and going strong
  2. run/walk 2 times this week. I can't rely just on Crossfit - besides, I want to start working back up to the goal of doing a (relatively) long-distance road race. did 1.6 miles yesterday, walking about .5 miles of that
  3. lose 1 lb. I want to show off my six-pack, damn it!
  • warm-up: 10 KB swings (25lbs for this and the WOD), 10 air squats; repeat. Dave also had me sprint inside and back to get my water
  • WOD: 20 American KB swings; walking lunges for about 35 ft; inchworms (touch toes, walk hands out to plank pose, walk feet in to hands) for about 25 ft; broad jumps (from standing, feet together) for about 35 ft; bear crawl (downward dog. now go forward) for about 25 ft. repeat for 25 minutes
  • cool-down: 1.6 miles around the Duke wall on my own
We did the whole WOD outside near the playground and soccer field where all the Latinos hang out. There was this aDORable little kid, maybe 2 or so, who saw us doing bear crawls and hopping all over the place like maniacs, and decided we needed company. He kept up with us (with scaled-down moves, of course...except for the crawling, he totally kicked our butts at that!) for a good 15 minutes! Awesome :D

Yesterday's post-workout meal

  • salmonburger doused in balsamic vinegar and sauteed
  • 2ish cups of leftover roasted veggies, tossed around in the pan when the salmon was done, with a couple drops of sesame oil and liquid smoke (my new favorite seasoning combo!) added
  • about a cup of frozen mango, which I eventually added to the veggies. totally delish.

Today's breakfast

  • porridge with 1/4 c oats, 1 T oat bran and 1 c milk/water/salt
  • toppings: a good dollop of yoghurt, a good sprinkle of wheat germ and an absolutely delicious yes-i-dare-to-eat-it peach!
  • 2 oz cheddar
  • 2 c coffee with whole milk as creamer
Today's lunch...ish (it was around 4pm)
  • about a cup of garlicky kale
  • about 2 cups of tofu marsala, courtesy of amam
  • 2 oz provolone
  • 1 c yoghurt and milk whisked together, then mixed with vanilla and pumpkin pie spice
That's it so far. Maybe I'll feel more inspired a bit later. Til then, toodles!


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