Saturday, July 17, 2010

The fam

Well, part of it, anyways.

So by the time I arose (815ish, not unreasonable for a day off), the crazy-early-rising parents were already on their way back from the farmer's market. Boo. BUT...they brought with them delicious bounty in the form of yellow watermelon! That, an egg, 1.5 oz mystery cheese and my special chocolate coffee made up my breakfast, along with happy uterus tea and these weirdos here:
Amam had turned my plate around so the watermelon would be smiling in the picture. My dad was yelling "my mouth is full! my mouth is full!" I think he was quoting something, because he didn't stop doing it after I took the picture.

Question for the lurkers: What's your first stop at the farmer's market?


  1. Too funny! My first stop is the fresh berries, for sure!

  2. Oh families. Always good for a laugh.

    I love the farmer's market. First stop - fruits! Second stop - veggies! Third stop - random other things that catch my eye. Sometimes beans, sometimes jam. Who knows.

  3. Joanne and Sarah, thanks for your comments! I always seem to make a beeline for the bucketfuls of fresh flowers, myself :D

  4. I get so excited when ever I go to farmer's markets---I can barely contain myself : )

    Yellow watermelon?! How fun!! My mom always used to buy them. Enjoy : )

  5. haha...just read the boob post. The same thing happens to me! They get frickin' huge!

  6. Jocelyn: agreed, farmer's markets are one of the best things ever, and always populated by the coolest people! The watermelon wasn't very sweet - actually very cucumber-esque - but was delicious nonetheless :)

    Mags: bewbs lol. They are strange animals. Also, yay you're finally back in the blogosphere!