Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes.  That's right.  For the first time in well over a decade.  It was grass-fed local ground beef that I (at Amam's advice) mixed with egg and made into a hamburger-kinda-thing.  I think I overcooked it like yeah whoa but it was still pretty tasty (the coconut oil I used to cook it probably helped.  stuff smells aMAZing).  With it: avocado with paprika and leftover spinach, fried up in the same pan as the burger.

It's...strange.  I'd thought it through over and over and convinced myself that I was ethically and morally ok with it (which I really am), but it's just...almost a little bit of a letdown.  Maybe that's just my cooking, though.  

 It's ok, though, because I have this book to help me out!  Joanne et al, I promise to try out all your delicious flesh-filled recipes as soon as I master the hamburger.  It might take a while.  I've got a lot of lost time to make up for.  But I've promised The Man a homemade steak dinner the next time he visits NC, and it needs to be PERFECT.  So naturally I will have to practice a LOT.

Lurkers: any tips, tricks, hints or recipes to give me?  I need a lot of help here so give me whatever you got! :)



  1. looks great, nelly! in *my* opinion, beef can never be too well done! :) what brought on the change?

  2. Ashley: Actually it was pretty damn chewy by the time I got done with it. So I think I just proved you wrong ;P

    My ethics had evolved to the point where I wouldn't (or didn't think I would...and I was right) cry and vomit if I ate meat, and I realised I probably wasn't getting enough nutrition from just pescetarianism to fuel the total bad-ass powerhouse beast-goddess I want to be (for which you are one of my inspirations, bee tee dubs), so I made the jump! :D