Thursday, September 24, 2009


  • 4 pcs leftover pizza
Notes: Still sick. Don't judge me. It figures that when I finally did get the family bug, I'd be spared the nausea.

During the day
  • A couple handfuls of roasted edamame
  • 1 c skim milk
  • Water water water (hot, with ACV to taste, about 1t-1T per cup, sometimes a little squirt of honey as well)
Notes: Headache. Merh. Thinking about making the trek to town to pick up some white willow - perfect time to try it out! But then again I'd have to shower and get dressed and make the effort to look semi-human.

Also during the day
  • A few more edamame
  • Another slice of pizza
  • This absolutely wonderful lemon-flavored tea-esque powdered drink that helps my sniffles and ache-y-ness and then just knocks me out entirely
Notes: Never did make it all the way to the herbs-n-stuff store, but seriously, after a few cups of this stuff, I might just go conventional. It could only be better if it had booze in it.

Still later during the day
  • Lots more edamame
  • 2 more cups of this tea stuff (with the recommended 4 hours in-between)
  • 1 entire bar of Ghiardelli dark chocolate with raspberry mushy stuff inside it
Notes: Got the chocolate in a care package from the best boy ever. It was melted but still delicious, and (almost) made up for the lack of snuggles due to distance (especially with "missing you" scrawled on the outside *squee!*). Also, "I Love You, Man" is a very silly movie and totally a chick flick for guys, but Jason Segel is still a cutie-pie.

  • ~3-4 oz baked salmon with miso-mirin glaze
  • 2 c hot water with ACV and honey
Notes: Not hungry, just felt like it was time to eat something. Feeling slightly more human, although still with that weak, chilled-but-not-cold, shaky feeling you get when you've been sick. I'm opening the shop tomorrow, bleargh. Juan can be very passively insistent. Already set my nettle tea to brew for the morning, though; that should help.

I wish it was fall. Feeling the wanderlust again.

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