Monday, March 15, 2010

A quick recap

It's the first post without a date as the title omgzzz! What is the world coming to? But anyways.

For the last week I've been up in Ohio visiting T and his fam, and marking down every bit of food I eat has not exactly been in the forefront of my thoughts. What I did eat, overall, can be summed up fairly well as follows:

  • coffee
  • more coffee
  • maybe some scrambled eggs
  • or an omelette
  • or perhaps cereal
  • more coffee
  • what's that? it's 3pm already? eh, fuck it, it's almost dinnertime
  • a sandwich, if the kids wanted some and the stuff was already out
  • two or three times, a 6-inch tuna sub from Subway
  • coffee
  • coffee again. surprised yet?
  • pizza, maybe
  • baked tilapia with Ritz cracker breading that I made sans recipe!
  • whatever else was available
All other times
  • random handfuls (or more...) of various delicious and unhealthy things - chips, cookies, those little chocolate-covered doughnuts you get at gas stations...etc etc
  • really ridiculous amounts of...anyone? anyone? COFFEE, of course.
  • many other things that I forgot
And after all of this it seems like I actually lost a little weight. Go figure...

Time was spent in helping around the house, helping T with homework and such, and generally trying to ease a little of the tension around the place before T's mom had her surgery today. One of the kids got kicked off the bus for several days, so we also had to drive him to and from school. I also drove T to and from his work, when he had it, and washed ever dish in the house about 10 times each. So a pretty busy time, overall, but a fun one, doing the whole "playing house" deal.

And of course there's the part where I'm seeing a regular god of sex. He mentioned at one point that we were worse than honeymooners, and it was totally true - we practically needed a chaperone to get anything at all done...well, besides each other (not quite true, we do have some work ethic! but you get the point). Well, that's one of the perks of a LDR, I guess :D

Still, besides all the crazy-awesome creative ways to use every surface in the house; besides the sweet soft lovemaking; besides even lying together and making out before we fall asleep, there's nothing else in the world quite like waking up in the arms of the one you love, and seeing the smile in their eyes even before they whisper good morning.


But anyways, now I'm back, and getting right back on the wagon. Really gonna try and keep this a daily thing, starting now. W00t!


  1. When I said get personal, I didn't expect that!
    Just kidding. Funny post, sistah! It made me giggle. Now get off the coffee! Find some natural alternative like you're always coming up with!

  2. Well come on, when I get to go boink the Total Sex God of All That Is Awesome and Hot, I have to brag a little! :P And I'm already working on the natural coffee alternative, see the next post for that.